Smartwatch Company CEO Absolutely Trashes His Own Product

Who hasn’t thought this about a smartwatch before though?

the Huawei Smartwatch
The smartwatch Why? Image Huawei/Getty

Smartwatches are never going to take off. There, loaded said it. It’s just a case of the wrong technology at the wrong time.

It happens from time to time. The Betamax. The MiniDisc. These were all, essentially, good ideas. They just arrived at the wrong time.

For smartwatch manufacturers, the one real obstacle to success has, and always will be, the smartphone. Why the hell would anyone need a smartwatch if they have a smartphone already? What possible advantage could there be?

But while pretty much everyone knows this, the one guy you probably wouldn’t expect to find saying it on a public forum was one of the heads of a major manufacturer of smartwatches.

Yet that’s exactly what Huawei Deputy Chairman and sometime CEO Eric Xu Zhijun did during a Q&A session at the company’s 2017 Global Analyst Summit, as the South China Morning Post reports.

“I am always confused as to what smartwatches are for when we have smartphones,” he told those in attendance and a clearly gobsmacked press.

Not content with that, Xu also revealed he would never wear one and often felt the need to remind the Huawei smartwatch wearable development team of a few home truths.

“When the smartwatch team in Huawei presents their ideas to me with great excitement, I keep reminding them to consider whether there are tangible needs [for these products] in the market,” he explained.

Now, this wouldn’t be quite so bad were it not for the fact that Huawei continues to manufacture and produce these products.

The company’s most recent effort was the Android Wear 2.0-based Watch 2.
Nice work Xu.

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