WhatsApp with your partner? Smartphones might be affecting your sex life

A new study suggests excessive smartphone use could impact your love life.

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It might be time to cut down on the amount of time you spend on your smartphone, after a study found a large proportion of people think mobile use has got in the way of them having sex.

Whether it’s placing bets, internet browsing, engaging in WhatsApp group chats or even just playing mobile games, it would seem smartphone use is beginning to encroach on some of life’s other enjoyments.

According to the research, around 700,000 people across the UK reckon mobile use has actually hindered their sex life.

Worse still, around three in every 20 surveyed said they used their mobile to secretly flirt with other people, despite already being in committed relationships themselves.

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Not that it’s all bad news when it comes to smartphones and sex though.

The data, compiled by Row.co.uk, also showed that around two in every five respondents had found love via a smartphone dating app.

Mobile technology appears to play a prominent role in the love lives of many though with around one in 10 people claiming to use their phone on a date while around one in four have actually broken things off with a partner via text, which is quite old school.

The study showcases the increasing way in which smartphones and sex have become intertwined.

One previous study, for example, found that more people are accessing porn via their phones than on laptops and PCs.

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