People Can Post Their Sex Stats Online With The ‘Smart Condom’

The gadget measures everything from 'thrust velocity' to 'girth'...


Fitness gadgets apps are changing the way people stay active, and workout gizmos have started crossing over into the world of adult entertainment and relationships.

We all know VR technology is transforming the adult movie industry, and a new invention has just been revealed which might be about to change the way all of us have sex.

The world’s first ‘smart condom’ has been revealed, which can actually track sexual performance and help turn sex into a home workout.

The ‘i.Con’, which is being developed by British Condoms, is actually more like a ring placed around the base of a standard condom.

Like a kind of sexual pedometer, the gadget measures how many calories you burn off during sex, plus a load of other things.


It offers a breakdown of sexual prowess too – everything from average speed of thrusts to length of sessions and, inevitably, girth.

Users can track their stats and mark their progress over time, and the gadget – which is available for pre-order now for £59.99 – basically turns the whole thing into a sexy Wii fit game.   

People can even upload their stats to the internet, if bragging about sex skills on social media is their thing…

We can tell you now though – if the ‘smart condom’ takes off and people start sharing their most intimate details on Facebook, loaded’s unfollow button is going to get a serious workout.

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