You Can Now Buy Your Very Own Slush Puppie Machine…In Time For Summer

When it comes to ice cold liquid refreshment nothing quite compares to a Slush Puppie.

The perfect blend of ice and brightly coloured, super-sweet flavour syrup, Slush Puppies were an important part of the summer for a whole generation of kids.

And now as the hot summer months approach, there’s great news for any grown-up fans of all things icy and drinks based out there.

That’s because online clothing giant Asos is giving fans the chance to purchase their very own Slush Puppie machine.

Gone are the days of queuing up at random corner shops and beach cafes waiting for a chance to get your hands on a cup of the slushy stuff, hoping whoever mans the machine gets the right balance of ice and syrup.

Instead, fans need only fork out £59.999 to get their hands on the Fizz creation machine.

Capable of producing up to a litre of colourful slush at a time, the syrup may be sold separately but the possibilities are endless.

What better way to make your summertime party a hit. In fact, you can even take things up another notch by creating a few of your own unique alcohol-based Slush Puppie creations.

“Fizz Creations gets the mood just right with its innovative range of home accessories,” the official production description reads.

“Not afraid to push the boundaries of design, the brand’s trend-led lights and mugs are perfect for gifting yourself and your mates.”

First created back in 1974 by the Radcliff family from Cincinnati, Ohio, the brand has changed hands several times and is currently owned by J & J Snack Foods.

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