Slippery Stairs Is The Japanese Game Show You Need In Your Life

If ever television programme was crying out for a western remake, this is it.

A screenshot from Slippery Steps.
On your marks...

A Japanese game show is quickly gaining recognition online after a clip was uploaded to YouTube and it might just be the best thing loaded has seen all year.

We are currently living through arguably the golden age of television as we know it. Everything is bigger and better than ever, from our sports coverage and reality TV through to the myriad drama series being pumped out all over the world.

Sometimes it can all get a bit much though. Sometimes we just crave something that’s easily accessible. Something that can be picked up and dropped again at a moment’s notice. Something like Slippery Stairs.

The concept could not be simpler: a group of people must race each other up a flight of stairs that have been lathered in the lubiest of lube.  It’s got everything you could ever want from a TV show: danger, excitement, drama, competition and lube. Lots of lube.

More importantly, it’s a show that’s crying out to be remade in the UK or in the US. Both countries have previously dabbled in Japanese game show formats before. The most recent of these came with Hole In The Wall, a western update of the Japanese favourite Brain Wall.

That may not quite have gone to plan  but things would be different with Slippery Stairs – Anton Du Beke wouldn’t be involved, for starters.

For now, though, let’s enjoy the simple majesty of a series of people falling over, covered in lube, while trying to climb some steps. Reminds us of our student days!

What a time to be alive.

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