Sky Sports Italia’s Diletta Leotta might be football’s sexiest ever presenter

A world away from Gary Lineker and Mark Pougatch...

Diletta Leotta Instagram
Italy's sports star Diletta Leotta on Instagram. Image Instagram/dilettaleotta

The name Diletta Leotta won’t be familiar to most, but for those who watch the beautiful game in Italy she’s a staple of Serie A’s live football coverage.

A world away from Gary Lineker and Mark Pougatch, Diletta is the front woman for Sky Sports Italia’s big game coverage, bringing a dash of glamour to proceedings alongside a crack knowledge of Francesco Totti, Gianluigi Buffon and the rest.

She even had her own ‘internet-breaking’ moment earlier this month when her private photographs were leaked online and swept across the web like wildfire.

It’s not something you’d wish on anyone, and even the master of controversy Mario Balotelli – someone familiar with Diletta thanks to his stint in Serie A with AC Milan – came to her defence.

“Everyone is free to do what they want with their body, for better or worse. People who abused this situation are a**holes,” Balotelli wrote on Twitter.

Diletta has swiftly become a social media star since leaping to everyone’s attention in Italy. With more than 860,000 Instagram followers she’s a very popular figure in her homeland.

Here are five highlights from her social feed…


Dal dentista… Per fortuna è il mio amico @francescolerario81 ?

A photo posted by ✨?Diletta Leotta?✨ (@dilettaleotta) on


Vi porteremo nelle piazze del campionato di B. Oggi si ricomincia da qui #Pisa #skyserieB 19:30 su @skysport #Bday #lacasadellaserieb

A photo posted by ✨?Diletta Leotta?✨ (@dilettaleotta) on


Ultimi istanti d'estate #settembre

A photo posted by ✨?Diletta Leotta?✨ (@dilettaleotta) on


Domani 31 agosto ore 21 sarò in Darsena a Milano #spazioskydarsena #skysport #shooting

A photo posted by ✨?Diletta Leotta?✨ (@dilettaleotta) on


I m getting ready #work

A photo posted by ✨?Diletta Leotta?✨ (@dilettaleotta) on

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