Sky Sports inadvertently interview career criminal for Sam Allardyce segment

Anthony Kelly was labelled a “Limerick fan” but he’s so much more than that.

Big Sam Allardyce with England scarf
Big Sam Allardyce taking charge of a nation over the Summer Image Picture The FA

Sky Sports were guilty of a second major f*ck up in a matter of weeks after an interview segment focusing on Sam Allardyce’s time as Limerick FC manager resulted in the broadcaster interviewing a notorious local criminal.

Allardyce’s big break in football management came with the Irish club, where he spent a single season as player manager from 1991 to 1992.

“He was a very good motivator and brought the very best out of them”

It was only natural, therefore, that some of the media spotlight would fall on the League of Ireland side, following Big Sam’s appointment as England manager.

However, as The Irish Independent reported, locals were shocked when, as part of the report, 55-year-old “Limerick fan” Anthony Kelly appeared in a short interview segment.

“He was a very good motivator and brought the very best out of them,” Kelly told Sky Sports. “When they (Limerick) got promotion it was like winning the Premier League for him.”

Now, at nice as those sentiments may have been, it’s probably worth noting that Kelly has quite the rap sheet.

Investigated by the gardai in connection with a number of cases, Kelly was previously acquitted of the murders of two brothers following a row in a pub back in 1982.

He’s also been on the receiving end of a few assassination attempts, including one where he was shot five times.

His brother, Michael Kelly, a former Limerick City Councillor, was found shot dead at his mother’s home back in 2004 and  a year later Anthony survived three separate attempts on his life.

Having also been cleared of gun charges in 2011, it’s fair to say Anthony is not someone you would want to mess with.

Maybe the interview was his idea and the Sky Sports team knew better than to question the world’s greatest Limerick fan.

We certainly wouldn’t.

Nevertheless, the incident comes just a couple of weeks after Sky Sports was duped into using a series of spoof stats, made up on Twitter, concerning Celtic’s Champions League opponents Lincoln Red Imps.

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