Sky Sports duped by fake ‘stats’ on Celtic’s Champions League opponents

These statistics are genuinely hilarious – how could anyone think they were real?

Brendan Rodgers and Steve Bruce, long before the former became Celtic manager.
Having a laugh Brendan Rodgers and Steve Bruce share a laugh. Image Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Celtic and Brendan Rodgers will undoubtedly be feeling a tad embarrassed after the Hoops’ lost 1-0 to Lincoln Red Imps but that’s nothing compared to how silly Sky Sports must be feeling right about now.

The former Liverpool manager’s first competitive game in charge of the Glasgow giants ended in defeat to a part-time team from Gibraltar in the first leg of their Champions League qualifier.

Yet Sky Sports somehow contrived to update Celtic in the embarrassment stakes after mistaking a series of spoof statistics on the Red Imps, which were posted on Twitter, for actual, real-life, facts.

Sky Sports Lincoln Red Imps facts.
They've had a 'mare here. You're getting sacked in the morning! Image Sky Sports

The statistics featured above were, of course, entirely fictitious and and a clear spoof of Sky Sports News, but that didn’t stop life imitating art with one of the channel’s presenters subsequently reeling them off during one interview segment.


Originally posted by the often hilarious @WeahsCousin Twitter account, here are the stats, once again, in all of their glory:

  • Lincoln Red Imps play in front of an average home crowd of 28. LIE.
  • They have never scored a goal against a professional club. NONSENSE.
  • Current manager Julio Cesar Rebus was hired after winning a competition. OH COME ON.
  • Striker Lee Casciaro spent six years in prison for selling Class A drugs. JEEZE, GUYS.
  • The team can’t train on Tuesdays as a local Metal Detecting Society uses their pitch. UNBELIEVABLE JEFF!

Someone over a Sky Sports News HQ is in for the bollocking of a lifetime.

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