Six-bedroom £1.2m London property boasts world’s most disturbing bedroom

With property prices on the rise in the capital, one homeowner is looking to make a killing.

The average deposit for first time buyers in London will be more than £100,000 by 2020
Priced out of London And who would want to live here anyway? Image Picture Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

A candidate for the world’s most disturbing bedroom has been found online in a London property currently on the market for the eye-watering price of £1.2 million.

Discovered on Zoopla, the six-bedroom semi-detached house is located in Leytonstone and certainly looks a little rough around the edges, though that hardly explains the presence of this hellish looking room inside.

On closer inspection, it’s difficult to decide what is the most disturbing aspect.

The offending bedroom on Hoopla
Maybe it’s the assorted collection of deadly weapons that adorn the walls with everything from crossbows, to machetes, samurai swords and even a few guns thrown in for good measure. You’d imagine something similar in Steven Seagal’s house. No, that’s not a good thing.

There are also the life-size mannequins dressed as movie serial killers Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers as well as a slightly smaller Leatherface doll, propped up on the bed in a way that suggests the owner cuddles it close to him. Every night.

Good luck to the estate agent showing prospective buyers round that room. At least, with it being in London, the place shouldn’t be too hard to shift. Just make sure they don’t dig up the patio.

Oh and then there are the skulls. Are they real skulls? Probably not, but there are a lot of them. Wow, this guy really likes skulls. Assuming it’s a guy there (it’s totally a guy).

Last but not least there’s the décor and colour scheme – black bed, red walls – because everyone wants to wake up in their very own Twin Peaks fever dream.

Of course, all of this pales in comparison to realisation that, however weird and crappy this house is, the majority of us could spend our lives saving up and probably still not have enough money to even put down a deposit on this or any other property in London.

Not that anyone is bitter about that. Not at all.

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