Sisqo Is Re-Releasing “Thong Song” With A Thoroughly Modern Twist

The Dru Hill rapper and singer is coming back with a bang.

Sisqo performing the "Thong Song".
Sisqo And the "Thong Song" Image YouTube

Sisqo, the rapper and singer who became a global sensation with the release of the underwear-themed single “Thong Song”, is preparing for a return to the limelight with the re-release of his signature 90s hit with a few modern alterations.

Once better known as a member of the R&B collective Dru Hill and the scantily-clad cowboy who sang the harmonies on the Will Smith movie tie-in hit Wild Wild West, Sisqo became something of a household name around the turn of the millennium.

It was all thanks to the “Thong Song”, a catchy little ditty that paid tribute to the barely-there undergarment of the same name.

A global smash hit, the song peaked at no.3 in the UK singles chart and no.4 on the US Billboard Mainstream Top 40.

Little children ran around singing it and older folk even got in on the act. Neither group are likely to have known quite what they were singing about but it was still brilliant.

And now, after a career spent living in the shadow of his thong-based debut (Sisqo never quite scaled the charts in the same way again) a new version is being released upon the masses.

JCY and Sisqo with Thong Song.
Thong Song The next generation

It’s all thanks to Norwegian dance trio JCY (JCY) who have put together a hip, cool remix of the 1999 original.

Though a thoroughly modern update that’s very much in keeping with much in the charts of late, there’s still a chance Sisqo may make an appearance in a bid to promote the single.

A lot has changed since “Thong Song” first hit the charts though – he won’t be performing on Top Of The Pops this time around. Actually, maybe that’s a good thing.

JCY’s version of “Thong Song” is released this Friday (June 9).


Altogether now, “let me see that…”

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