Siovan Hope: The Stunning Caribbean Model You Should Be Following On Instagram

Hotter than the Island sun

Caribbean Queen Siovan Image Simon Normand

Siovan Hope is a Caribbean model of the moment burning up Instagram with her gorgeous posts. She’s Trinidad and Tobago-born but spends her time all over the planet – giving us a glimpse into her travels from white-sand beaches to Burning Man exploits. She’s modelled for lingerie brands like La Senza and a heap of magazines in Canada and beyond. 

The girl stays close to her roots and reps the West Indies wherever she goes, all with heaps of grace and an edgy, jaw-dropping style. We’re thinking Rihanna better watch out. There’s another island girl on your heels and she’s killing it. Siovan is currently signed with Next in Los Angeles, One Management in NYC, Factor in Chicago, Montage in Montreal and CGM in Miami. The lady is busy. 

loaded caught up with Siovan recently to ask her a couple questions about her whirlwind life as a supermodel with a Caribbean accent that rolls like the waves. Turns out, she’s smart, engaging and down to earth. 



Keep doing you Siovan, we’re watching! Not in a creepy way, though. 



loaded: Where are you from?
Siovan: I was born on the beautiful island of Trinidad, in the city of Port of Spain
loaded: When did you start modelling?
Siovan: I started modeling when my cousin, Sacha Anton, a Miss World Trinidad Queen, brought me along to a fashion show rehearsal for a local designer; Meiling. She saw me and asked if I cared to be in her show. I was 15 at the time and thought to myself this would be a fun opportunity. Always been a bit of a spontaneous spirit, I enjoyed learning to walk, pose, the backstage quick changes and totally got enamored by all the beauty surrounding me. We were taught how to runway walk, by our Miss Universe winner; Wendy Fitzwilliam. That moment made me look at modeling in a whole new light; empowering of ones’ sexuality and graceful in movement and public persona. 
loaded: What’s something you want the loaded audience to know about you?
Siovan: This is the toughest question to answer, I want you all to know everything about me. My lumps, bumps, talents, triumphs, likes, pet peeves — all of it! But this is life– we are complicated and its impossible to choose just one thing. I guess, if I had to say it would be that I LOVE to cook for my friends and entertain at home. There is nothing I love more than seeing happy faces, and big bellies being rubbed at the end of an evening. Also, I can drink rum like you cant believe! 
loaded: What makes Caribbean girls stand out?
Siovan: In short? We are magical! We have the delicate combination of cool, sexy, confidence. We are raised to be intelligent, elegant and eloquent yet nothing is more revered than the ability to get down in life laugh hard and sincere, love deeply and fill a room with warmth. 
Physically we are insanely interracial  and have some of the most diverse mixtures, backgrounds, skin tones, hair, etc. Truly unique, and almost impossible to pinpoint, unless we open our mouths!
We have some of the coolest, melodic accents in the world, plus we can all cook some banging dishes! 
 loaded: Where are you right now?
Siovan: Right now I just flew in from Toronto, and I’m currently sitting up in bed in my flat in NYC, typing out this interview. 
loaded: What ensemble makes you feel like a superwoman?
Siovan: Woo….. hmmmm! That really depends on where I’m going and what my goal is at my destination. A pair of high waisted, rock star-ripped black skinny jeans with black high-heeled boots. 
My hair wavy, shiny and blown out. Its really more about my walk and smile. Once those two things are on point; the world feels like its mine for the taking. 
loaded: What are your goals for this year?
Siovan:  Financially, it is always to make more than the year before. Career-wise I would like to see myself in a national commercial and get an over-seas project – I love nothing more than traveling and being immersed in a new environment.  
Personal goals, would be to take a few grad courses at NYU in fields that keep drawing my interest: Branding and journalism. Explore whatever speaks and connects with me more and set an end of year goal for transitioning into a new career. 
loaded: Coffee or tea?
Siovan: Always coffee. With a touch of cream, no sugar. Ever. 
loaded: What do you think of English blokes?
Siovan: I have the biggest soft spot for the English boys. I absolutely love their sense of humour, wit, and intelligence. Plus they tend to be on the taller side, which I love! Definitely had my fair share of crushes.
loaded: Give us a mantra
Siovan:…. even hope may seem futile, when with troubles you’re beset
But remember you are facing just what other men have met. 
loaded: Last song you listened to?
Siovan: Lol! The latest soca 2017 songs coming out of Trinidad. Kes- Incredible  is really up there – it has me pumping for the stage. 
loaded: What’s a perfect day for you in your home island?
Siovan: Well, since I’m on the topic of Carnival, a perfect day in Trinidad would be Carnival Tuesday! When you get dressed up in full makeup and hair and glitter in the sun – with tiny, sparkly bits of costume and feathers all over your body. The sun is coming up and the morning dew is turning into humidity, but your heart is pumping and your best friends, family are next to you, and the soca trucks pongin’ that big tune as you get ready to cross the stage and perform with pure, extravagantly expressed joy. Dancing and ‘wining’ my ass off! 
Thanks for speaking to loaded Siovan!
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