This Single Mother Built Her Five Bedroom Home Using YouTube Tutorials

Brick by brick by brick

Supermum She built a house with her own hands Image Cara Brookins

Building a house is no easy task. There are so many elements involved in creating such a structure; even a tree-house is pretty tricky. But with a little YouTube and some cajones, it can be done. 

How about a 3500-square-foot, five-bedroom, two storey home with a three-car garage? Well, Cara Brookins did it – with the help of her four children and some stellar YouTube tutorials. Talk about great promotion for your channel.

After escaping from an abusive relationship and a stalker ex, Cara and her children were homeless. Instead of searching for a pre-built home given her circumstances, she decided instead to pull up her bootstraps and take on a project that she said: “rebuilt our broken family.”


Brookins Family With House Image Cara Brookins


So how did she do it? Cara says she took out a small loan and bought a plot of land. As Refinery 29 puts it, “she and her children mixed mortar, laid bricks, nailed wood, and handmade counters.” Child labour aside, that’s very admirable. 

Finally, after a year of back-breaking work, the familial construction team were done, and the house was/is bloody beautiful. Its been christened Inkwell Manor. 



Inkwell Manor Image Cara Brookins


Now, Cara is a published author after she wrote about her experience in a book called, Rise, How a House Built a Family which is out on January 24th. 

We’re never going to complain about anything ever again. 


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