Simpsons Writer Shares Early Draft Of Classic Superintendent Chalmers Gag

You'll never look at a plate of "Steamed Hams" in the same way again.

The SimpsonsImage Picture 20th Century Fox

Remember when The Simpsons was the best show on TV?

Josh Weinstein does. He was one of the writers on the show during some of its best episodes. Episodes like 22 Short Films About Springfield, which served as a Simpsons-led homage of sorts to movies like Pulp Fiction and Short Cuts.

It’s also an episode that features arguably the most memorable interaction between Principal Seymour Skinner and his long-suffering boss Superintendent Chalmers.

The two-minute sequence saw Skinner invite Chalmers round for a roast dinner only to accidentally burn the food he was hoping to impress his boss with.

His solution is to buy Krusty Burgers and somehow convince Chalmers he them from scratch and that the smoke billowing out of his oven is the result of the “steamed clams” or “Steamed hams” he is serving.

Having left his roast to burn to a cinder, Skinner is then able to convince Chalmers aurora borealis has somehow become localised to his kitchen.

Now Weinstein has given some additional insight into the gag and revealed, via Twitter, that an earlier draft saw Chalmers reveal he was going to use what he learned at Skinners’ house to impress the Union of Amateur Astrologers.

The additional lines divided fans between those who felt the additional line would have added to the hilarity of the gag and those who felt it was better off without it.

Whatever your view, it certainly makes for some fascinating insight.

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