Watch what happens when Homer Simpson plays Pokémon Go

Homer does his best to catch a Diglett.

Homer Simpson
"D'oh!" Beer and doughnuts, the Homer Simpson essentials. Image Picture 20th Century Fox

Never ones to miss out on the latest trend, The Simpsons have speedily come up with their own Pokémon Go spoof.

Naturally, it’s Homer Simpson who’s front and centre of this latest gag from Springfield’s first family, released to capitalise on the fast-growing Nintendo app phenomenon.

In the skit, Homer is shown at the zoo prodding at his phone to catch critters like Diglett and Drowzee instead of watching Bart and Lisa. In the meantime, Bart nearly gets eaten by a lion and Lisa laments him for now paying attention to his children.

“Will you kids pipe down!” Homer yells back.

Fans were quick to point out that this is actually a reworking of a scene from 2012 episode A Tree Grows in Springfield.

In that 24th season show, Homer becomes to obsessed with his iPhone-style device he neglects to pay any attention to Bart and Lisa at the zoo.

Seeing as it takes an eternity to animate The Simpsons, that’s probably the fastest way for Matt Groening and co come up with a response to Pokémon Go.

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