This Simple Trick Can Make The Cheapest Wine Taste Expensive

Wine not give it a try?

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It takes a long time to develop a reliable wine palate, with lots and lots of vino going down the hatch over many years. But what if you want it to taste good now and can’t afford that deliciously aged Chateau Margaux 2009 Balthazar for £195, 000 a pop.

What if all you have is £6 and a dream? Well, there’s a new trick that will make all the wine peasants out there slurp it down like well-honed connoisseurs.

Salt, the wine-stain remover is actually better inside the glass. A pinch of salt in your merlot can do wonders, claims Nathan Myhrvold – Microsoft’s former chief technology officer who spoke to the Wall Street Journal about a particular dinner party he attended where a wine mogul complained about the taste of the wine.


Chateau Margaux 2009 Balthazar - Inside Case Image PR Newswire

The ex-CTO recalled adding a pinch of salt to a glass of Cabernet after one dinner guest claimed that the wine simply was’t savoury enough.

The mogul in question was Gina Gallo of E. & J. Gallo Winery – only one of the most well known affordable wine brands on earth.

She was so happy with the resulting taste, soon everyone else at the table was trying it out.


Gallo Wine Image Gallo Wines


The method isn’t for all shades of vino, its best with wines that are too sweet to the taste. Its down to your preference really, but a good way to impress the crowd at the next gathering.

Bottoms up!

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