Simone Holtznagel Flies Close To the Sun With Topless Instagram Snaps

The Playboy model and former Australia Next Top Model is in treading on thin ice.

Simon Holtznagel An Instagram rebel

The legend of Icarus is a story that dates back to Greek mythology, telling the tale of Icarus the boy who, when making his escape from the island of Crete by flight, flew too close to the sun only to fall to his death after his homemade wax-bound wings melted away.

Simone Holtznagel might just be the Icarus of Instagram, minus the wings of course. After all, much like the Greek legend she’s been soaring a little too close to the big yellow orb of late.

Nowhere is this more demonstrable than on Instagram where the Playboy model has been treading on thin ice with a series of increasingly seductive snaps.

The pictures may have helped her following numbers fly up to an astonishing 72,600 but former Australia’s Next Top Model contestant needs to be careful. 

Covering up her unmentionables for a topless pic is one thing but let just one nip slip and she could find herself crashing to Earth with an almighty thud.


A photo posted by Simone Holtznagel (@moannn) on

And by thud, we of course mean shell be kicked off Instagram – everyone knows they have a strict no nipples policy.

For now, though, Holtznagel is flying without wings, a free spirit swooping through the social media world with a heady mix of selfies and lingerie shoots.


A photo posted by Simone Holtznagel (@moannn) on

Just don’t go chasing waterfalls Simone – please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to.

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