The Side-Effects Of Space Tourism Sound Really, Really Gross

Better pack the sick bags...

Inside the SpaceX Crew Dragon. Imagine this covered in vomit. Image SpaceX

SpaceX is sending two very wealthy and lucky space tourists to the moon late next year, and it sounds like they’re in for quite the trip.

Details are emerging about the week-long journey, including pictures of inside the SpaceX capsule called Crew Dragon. The sleek pod, full of high-def displays and carbon fibre cloth seating, will operate on autopilot after flying 240,000 miles from earth to orbit the back side of the moon. [via AFP]

Crew Dragon will eventually sling shot back to earth, with its two passengers on board pretty much shitting themselves.

In fact, they will literally be pooping and peeing their pants, since that is one of many side effects that occur during first few days of living in zero gravity.

“Like every single astronaut who goes into space, they’re going to get… very bad motion sickness,” Daniel Grant of the Centre for Altitude Space and Extreme Environment Medicine in London, told AFP.

It’s due to that pesky inner ear becoming mighty confused due to a new cosmic equilibrium, which causes severe bouts of nausea and dizziness. It could last hours or even days, which is problematic considering they’re only up there for a week.


Another symptom to look forward to is a swollen face. The lack of gravity means body fluids travel up instead of down so while their legs will look fabulous, the top half will be a mess. They will also need to urinate frequently which should be interesting considering fluids float in space…

Sounds like the vacation from hell if we’re honest.

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