Showering Too Much Is Actually Really Bad For Your Health

Personal hygiene is making you seriously unwell.

Shower Is washing actually really bad for you?

Is personal hygiene overrated?

Sure, staying clean is hugely important, but it’s now been revealed that showering could actually be detrimental to your health.

As IFL Science reports, research suggests showering too regularly can kill microbes and germs on your skin, which are essential to maintaining your immune system.

A study conducted on the Yanomami people in the Amazon found that “their skin, mouths, and feces hosted the richest complement of bacteria in any human population examined until that point — a complement that included antibiotic-resistant species, despite no known contact with antibiotics.”

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The findings suggested that the group would struggle to survive if they washed every day, as the microbes helped their immune and digestive systems function properly.

Obviously, the Amazonian group don’t have the same grooming routines as most people, and it’s been suggested that copying their relaxed approach to washing could make us healthier.

The study has yet to expand and test on western subjects though, as they’ve struggled to find willing participants – after all, would you stop showering for months at a time in the name of science?

Personal hygiene is undeniably important, but after reading this, maybe it’s time to go au natural and stop washing? Then again, maybe not…

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