Shia LaBeouf’s New Movie Took Just £7 At The UK Box Office

Just one person went to see Man Down in the UK.

Shia LaBeouf crying
Shia LaBeouf crying The actor's new movie took just £7 in the UK Image

loaded recently reported that Scarlett Johansson’s Ghost In The Shell was the biggest flop of 2017 after taking just $19m in its opening weekend. However, we may have spoken too soon…

It’s been revealed that Shia LaBeouf’s new war drama Man Down has taken just £7 at the UK box office. Which means that just one person went to see the film in the UK. One.

The idea that the person was on their own is quite sad too; they couldn’t even persuade someone to go and see it with them.

In all fairness, the movie – which tells the story of a former marine who struggles to re-acclimatise returning home from war – actually opened in the US back in 2015, and the film received a very limited release in the UK.

In fact, it was shown in just one cinema in Burnley: as far as releases go, that’s about as limited as it gets.

It’s not the first time films have taken next to no money in the UK. Emma Watson’s The Colony made just £47 last year, while Danny Dyer’s notorious flop Run For Your Wife made just £602 in UK cinemas back in 2013.

Despite this setback, Shia LaBeouf has actually been on a good run of films over recent years, after roles in American Honey, Fury and Nymphomaniac. So, we’ll let him off this time…

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