Stranger Things director aims to break video game movie curse with Uncharted

Is Shawn Levy the man to break the curse?

Playstation game to film Could it break the video game adaptation curse?

A movie based on the popular PlayStation game Uncharted is on the way, and now Sony, the film’s studio, has tapped Stranger Things director Shawn Levy to helm the adaptation.

Levy’s feature film directing credits include the 2011 Hugh Jackman-starring Real Steel, the Night at the Museum movies and the 2006 remake of The Pink Panther with Steve Martin.

A mixed bag it has to be said, but he’s certainly a capable filmmaker. In addition to his directing duties, Levy has also served as an executive producer on Stranger Things.

The Uncharted series has been very popular amongst gamers and so far boasts five games in the series, all of which have received praise from both gamers and critics.

The premise of the game follows the Indiana Jones-like hero Nathan Drake on his expeditions across the globe dealing with various threats in his pursuits of various treasures… Okay it’s a lot like Indiana Jones.

Shawn levy
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As reported by Variety, it’s very early days and no actors are yet attached, although some popular choices within the online communities are Gerard Butler or Firefly’s Nathan Fillion for the lead role.

The record of successful movies based on video games is spotty to say the least. So much so that some have theorised there is now a curse that looms over every major Hollywood movie based around a video game.

The evidence is there. Over the years we’ve endured the torturous efforts of films based on Street Fighter, Tekken, Hitman and Super Mario Bros just to name a few.

Even some of the more popular ones like Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil were mediocre at best.

Is Levy the man to break the curse? We’ll find out when Uncharted hits cinema screens, currently expected to be some time in 2018.

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