Shaun Frank’s 90’s Throwback Playlist ?

Check Out This Iconic 90's Playlist By Shaun Frank

Canadian Dj/Producer Shaun Frank are here to give you the perfect start to the weekend, with a playlist straight from the 90’s. Nirvana, Prodigy, Green Day, Radiohead and much more all feature in this timeless list exclusively for loaded. 

Hailing from Vancouver,  Frank has successfully straddled the pop and dance music since kicking off his career in 2008 and has collaborated with dance music heavyweights such as Steve Aoki, Oliver Heldens and remixed singles for the likes of Duke Dumont and Kiesza.

loaded has been spinning the Canadians new single Addicted’ feat. Violet Days‘ all week! It’s a definite bop. This week Shaun gives us a taste of the 90’s kicking it off with the iconic Nirvana.



Nirvana –  Lithium 

“Smells Like Teen Spirit was an album that changed music for me forever, It’s the album that made me wanna be a singer and a songwriter. was hard to pick Lithium as the one song, but its such an anthem for my 90’s self.”


Eminem – Stan

“Eminem changed the rap game in the late 90’s, for me this song was such an original piece of art…totally genius track”


Third Eye Blind – Jumper

 “This song reminds me of camping and drinking in the woods for some reason”



The Prodigy – Firestarter

“This was the song that got me into electronic music”


Radiohead – Karma Police

“I probably burned through two copies of the OK Computer record…back when CDs would get so scratched up you’d have to buy another copy. The chord progression on this song always gets stuck in my head, one of my favorite tracks to sit and play along to on the piano”


Green Day – Longview

“One of two great masturbation anthems of the 90’s, can you name the other?? something to do with big hands.”


No Doubt – Spiderwebs 


“Always had a huge crush on Gwen Stefani”


Filter – Aeroplane

“This song is just such a 90s classic for me, not a lot of people know who performed it or sang it…they never really had any other memorable songs..but this one is the jam”


Mathew Good – Apparitions

“For all the Canadian 90’s babies. Matt Good wrote some of my favorite songs growing up. I used to love watching the weird creepy video of this one where he plays a Janitor.”


Foo Fighters – New Way Home

This track closed out one of my absolute favorite albums of the 90’s, The Colour and the Shape. I put it in here cause it has, in my opinion, the best build-up of any song ever.”


DMX – Party Up


“Gotta give it to this song, it’s still my goto to turn up a party”


Sum 41 – Fat Lip

“Love these dudes… I remember my first band opening for them on their tour when they blew up off this song”


Vanessa Carlton – A Thousand Miles


“lol… guilty pleasure here”

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