How THAT contoversial Sharon Stone Basic Instinct scene was made

You know the one we're talking about...

Sharon Stone's Basic Instinct leg crossing sceneImage TriStar Pictures

Basic Instinct is one of those (Sharon) stone cold classic movies from the 90s, but despite how good it is people still circle back to one particular scene.

Sharon Stone’s deadly author Catherine Tramell is under intense police investigation. There’s a room full of sweaty cops. Legs cross. Jaws hit the floor. Celluloid history is made.

Basic Instinct might be nearly 25 years old but there’s still a fascination over that moment. It’s a bold, daring directorial choice that you just don’t see in modern-day movies.

In a new Empire interview with director Paul Verhoeven (picked up via CinemaBlend), the filmmaker revealed a few interesting quirks about the iconic screen moment – and it’s inspiration.

In case you need a reminder, the Basic Instinct scene in question is viewable below, and naturally it’s very NSFW…

Stone requested that the scene was done near the end of the Basic Instinct shoot, so Verhoeven agreed to her request and shot it in two or three takes with minimal crew.

There weren’t even any other actors present on the day – the cut-away to a gawping Wayne Knight was shot before the Stone leg-cross.

“I sent them (the actors) home at the end of the day. And we did that shot with my DP, Jan De Bont, and sound and script. That’s all there was to it,” Verhoeven admitted.

The scene wasn’t actually in Joe Eszterhas’s original screenplay for the film. Director Verhoeven added it in based on an experience he had at a party in his native Netherlands back in the 60s.

Seeing the effect a female partygoer – who wasn’t wearing any underwear – had on the men in attendance, he decided to replicate the moment with Stone’s psycho killer Tramell three decades later.

A place in the history books – and Hollywood’s A-list – quickly followed for Stone.

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