Video: Shane Warne claims humans are descended from aliens

The lack of food on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is clearly starting to affect the spin bowling legend...

Cricket legend Shane Warne
Sorry Shane Cricket sucks too, mate Image Picture Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Shane Warne claims humans are the result of alien experimentation on monkeys.

The cricket legend made the claims on the Australian edition of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, in which he’s currently a contestant.

Speaking with fellow campmate Bonnie Lythgoe, Warne began by posing the mother of all questions to the dancer and choreographer: “If we’ve evolved from monkeys, then why haven’t those ones evolved?”

The query drew a meek “Yeah…” from Lythgoe, but Warne was undeterred, continuing: “I’m saying: aliens. We started from aliens.”

Warne then went into full Fox Mulder mode, turning his attention to another of the world’s great curiosities: “Look at those pyramids, Bonnie. You couldn’t do ’em. You couldn’t pull those huge bits of brick and make then perfectly symmetrical … you couldn’t do it. So who did it?”

By now Lythgoe – wife of Pop Idol creator Nigel Lythgoe – was on board, agreeing that the pyramids “have to be” from another world.

Not that Warne was listening. He was too busy extolling his new theory of evolution, the first dreamed up on a diet of stick insects and kangaroo anus.

The 46-year-old continued: “Whatever planet they’re on out there, they decided that they were gonna start some more life here on earth and study us.

Lythgoe continued to nod along, attempting to ground the conversation in some realm of scientific fact whenever she could.

Warne was having none of it though, eventually concluding: “Maybe they turned a few monkeys into humans and said ‘Yeah, it works’.”

Other contestants on the Australian version of I’m A Celebrity include Val Lehman, aka Bea Smith from Prisoner Cell Block H.

Warne was last week outed for smoking when the cameras were off on the show, despite contestants supposedly not being allowed any luxuries. What he was smoking is now open to question.

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