“Want to be a DJ? You need to weigh under 120lbs” – the DJ proving sexism is sadly thriving in EDM

Justin James posts list of idiot requirements for DJ work on sexual equality Facebook page

Justin James has caused a storm with sexist DJ post
Thanks for the support The Facebook group Support Female DJs has been hit by sexist DJ, Justin James. Image Picture Rochelle Brodin/Getty Images

The EDM scene has long been accused of sexism, with DJ Magazine’s annual list of the Top 100 DJs rarely featuring more than five female musicians.

And now American DJ Justin James has shown just how idiotic the culture can be at its worst.

The Facebook page Support Female DJs was created to do just that – offer a space for female DJs to help give each other work and support.

But Florida-based DJ James posted a message offering work to women… providing they met his list of sexist requirements.

James didn’t bother asking for any of the women’s mixes or even what genre they play. Instead, he stated that the DJs “must weigh 105-120lbs” and that “I only work with attractive female DJs”.

DJ Justin James' sexist Facebook post
Deck dick Justin James' delightful Facebok idiocy.

Currently on tour in China, James later tried to defend himself by saying that he doesn’t care about DJs’ appearance, but that: “Venues do not share the same sentiment. If they wanted talented DJs, they would just hire men.” Thus implying that female DJs aren’t as talented.

James, a DJ for 12 years, deleted his posts after a host of DJs piled in to call him out for his sexism.

He has made no reference to the furore on his Facebook page, instead posting messages about his DJ tour.

To add to the mess, it should be clarified that James is no relation to the respected techno DJ also called Justin James. That James posted: “This is escalating quite quickly. Please do not mistake me for this ignorant fool, as some of you have done already.”

James’ sexist namesake posts a list of the venues where he has played on his website. The only British place he lists is infamously naff London club Chinawhites.

His original post on Support Female DJs also suspiciously said that he doesn’t want to work with managers or agents.

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