The Sexiest Professions For Men And Women Revealed

These are the jobs you need to get a date online.

Sexiest professions
Flying There's never been a better time. Image Dreamworks

Dating apps have totally transformed the way we get together over recent years, and the professions listed on our profiles are more important than ever when it comes to finding a match.

A new study has been conducted to find the sexiest professions, which are more likely to land you a date than any other.

Dating app Clover analysed data from over 1.5m American users, and found that product managers, flight attendants and speech therapists are the jobs men find most attractive in women.

See the full results of the survey below:

Sexiest professions survey
Sexiest professions survey Image Clover

The app also found that women found Doctors, Psychiatrists and Lawyers the sexiest professions amongst men.

On the other hand, Clover also discovered the least sexy jobs, and if you’re a bus driver you might want to look away now…

According to the study, bus drivers, exterminators and chemists are the least sexy jobs for women, while the most unattractive jobs for men are cashiers, TV producers and bakers. 

We’re surprised people find the idea of dating bakers a turn off to be honest – just think of all the free steak bakes you’d get if you hooked up with someone from Gregg’s…

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