These Sex Robots Will Apparently Be “Mind-Blowing” In Bed

The future of love looks something like this...

RealDoll sex robotImage

Technology is moving at such a intense speed that we’re not far off a time when sex with robots could overtake human love.

One expert in the field is Matt McMullen, the CEO of sex doll manufacturer RealDoll who’s promising a revolution in artificial intelligence intercourse.

Speaking to the Daily Star, McMullen stressed that the dolls weren’t meant to replace human sex, instead enhance a person’s sex life.

“It’s going to be an amazing new experience that no one has ever had before.”

“It’s going to be an amazing new experience that no one has ever had before. We’re trying to create the desire to have sex beyond the physical,” he said.

But will users find themselves attracted to robots? McMullen’s San Francisco firm has realistic sex dolls that start at around $5,000 (£3,857) a unit, and they’ll reportedly have a personality all of their own.

“In order for people to find themselves attracted to the AI — she’s really funny, she makes me laugh, she has the same interests as me,” McMullen explained.

“So then blokes want to take it to the next level – to give them that feeling – ‘I’d really like to have sex with her.'”

Karley Sciortino male sex doll
Sexpert Karley Sciortino road tests world's first male sex doll. Image YouTube/Vice

The creator also called these love machines “mind-blowing” and said having sex with them would improve bedroom skills. Just think of it as like going to the gym.

“You go to the gym, you get stronger,” he noted. “Having sex with the robot is only going to help you with your ‘skills’.

“It will get you to last longer in bed, try different positions and be more adventurous.”

Suddenly the recent sci-fi movie Ex Machina seems all the more real. Let’s hope things don’t take a dark turn like they did with Alicia Vikander…

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