Have You Got What It Takes To Be A Sex Choreographer In Hollywood?

Both Westworld and Wolf Of Wall Street used one.

Margot Robbie and Leonardo DiCaprioImage Picture Warner Bros

Realism is everything in Hollywood these days.

It’s why Christian Bale piles on the pounds for his various roles and why Leonardo DiCaprio willingly sleeps inside disembowelled animals and eats raw organs.

And it is why people like Yehuda Duenyas are recruited as sex choregraphers on some of the biggest and best movies out there.

Having sex with someone for the first time is always a bit awkward and it must be even more cringe worthy when you’re not actually doing the deed with someone, but pretending to instead.

That’s where the sex choreographer comes in. It might sound like an entirely made-up job title (all job titles are, though, right?) but you’ll find one listed in the credits of Westworld and Martin Scorsese’s Wolf Of Wall Street.

According to an interview with The New Yorker, Duenyas focuses on initially creating a “safe space” for the actors before building up the the heavier stuff. You know what we are referring to.

Tonia Sina, who works under the job title intimacy choreographer, meanwhile told Now Toronto that she actually maps out the sex scenes for her actors rather than getting them to get pretend-frisky on the fly.

“It really helps actors establish intimacy quickly and safely if they have techniques to help them find chemistry in the rehearsal process,” she explains. “They’re really effective in helping build relationships onstage – and not just sexual ones.”


So can anyone get involved in a bit of sex choreography? Probably not.

Both Sina and Duenyas earned their chops working in the theatre before building up to the good stuff. Also, the kinds of moves that might work well in the bedroom don’t necessarily translate into something that looks, er, visually stimulating on the stage and screen.

So yeah, sex choreography isn’t necessarily the ideal pursuit for something who is good in bed and, likewise, sex choreographers aren’t necessarily love gods or anything either.

Still, with more adult-orientated shows popping up on streaming services like Amazon and Netflix and the sheer number of movies being made growing all the time, the demand for sex choreographers is only likely to grow.

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