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London Landmark Among 7 Most Hashtagged Destinations In The World

By Danielle De La Bastide

January 17, 2017

Photo company CEWE Photoworld has tallied what it describes as the ‘Seven Wonders of Instagram’ and London features prominently.

The UK company tallied up the number of hashtags seen on the social media platform to put together this unique countdown of the seven most popular tourist destinations on Earth.

The number one hotspot to take an epic Instagram picture? You guessed it, the Eiffel Tower. CEWE determined that this superstructure received 3,103,675 hashtag acknowledgments. That’s a whole lot of hash.

Coming in at number two was Big Ben, he’s just gorgeous, isn’t he?

Bethany Griffin, Online Marketing Manager at CEWE Photoworld said ‘With over 195million Instagram mentions for #Travel, #Travelgram and #Travelling alone, it just goes to show that travel is at the heart of photo memories.’

France is apparently a much-desired location; they were featured twice on the list. CEWE also created a fantastic infographic showing how far the world’s uploaded Instagram would reach. It’s, well – it’s far.

We’ve rehashed the hashtag-heavy list and added it below. How many of these have you visited?



Eiffel Tower, France #3,103,675



Big Ben, England #2,210,667



 Golden Gate Bridge, USA #1,433,961



Burj Khalifa, Dubai #1,384,612



Notre Dame, France #1,169,500


The Alhambra, Spain #676,305



Machu Picchu, Peru #657,743