Seth Rogen Explains Why There Will NEVER Be A Sausage Party Sequel

The film was a box office success – so what gives?

Sausage Party
Shocker Sausage Party will be the rudest animated film since South Park. Image Picture Sony

It may have struck gold at the box office and won praise from fans and critics alike, but don’t expect to see a sequel to the animated comedy Sausage Party any time soon.

In fact, fans of this twisted take on a story familiar to fans of Toy Story may never see a sequel, period, if Seth Rogen is to be believed.

Rogen, who wrote the film with Evan Goldberg, revealed that there are currently no plans to follow Sausage Party up with a sequel with the writer, actor and director focusing on other projects at present.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, Rogen outlined his reasoning behind the decision and, while it’s a bitter pill to swallow for fans of the first film, his logic makes a lot of sense:

“I mean, we talk about it, but at the same time it took us a long time. The reception was good. My instinct, again, would just be if I were going to spend five years working on another animated movie, I’d probably want it to be something different.

We inherently did think about where else that movie could go, but I think the thing most people liked was the originality of it, and that you felt like you were watching something you’d never seen before. By the nature of doing a sequel to it, it will lose that. When we’re making movies and TV shows, if there’s a dragon we’re chasing it’s that.

We used to just want to make audiences laugh really hard, and now more than that, I like it when I feel like an audience is seeing something that they can’t believe they’re seeing; where they’re literally looking at the people beside them in the theater and are checking to see that everyone is seeing the same thing they are.”

Telling the story of one sausage’s journey to discover the truth of his existence, the film made over $140 million off a budget of just $19 million.

It also remains the only animated film in history to – SPOILER ALERT – feature what can only be described as a food orgy.

Alas, though, it would appear that a second helping is off the menu.

Given Hollywood’s relentless pursuit of remakes, reboots and sequels, however, maybe that’s a good thing.

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