Seth Meyers Would Have Trump On His Show On One Condition

He only needs to do this tiny thing.

The fight is ON Image Slaven Vlasic/Alex Wong/Getty Images

One thing is clear: after a month of Trump as the President of the United States, late night presenters have been having a field day, with plenty of material to criticise him. And out of all the late night show hosts, Seth Meyers has been one of Trump’s most vocal opponents. 

The former SNL writer and Weekend Update host hasn’t kept quiet about his dislike of Trump – he even cried while announcing the new president’s victory – and his segment A Closer Look mostly deals with any ludicrous statement Trump has released on that particular week.

In fact, Meyers has been keeping Trump away from him, even banning him from Late Night, which Meyers has been hosting for three years now.

But if Trump feels SAD! about this, then today is his lucky day, because Meyers spoke to TVGuide at the Writers Guild Awards in New York recently and revealed that he would have the president on his show, but only on one condition:

“If he stepped down, we’d love to have him on, if he wanted to do it on our show, that would be great,” he said.

So, if Donald Trump ever decides to step down on his own terms before something else forces him to, Late Night with Seth Meyers is the place to do it.

Perhaps then they could make A Closer Look together? Weirder things have been seen on TV.

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