This Seriously Strong Gin Has Just Arrived In The UK

You're going to need a bigger bottle of tonic.

Strane London Dry Gin.

Gin and tonic is fast becoming one of the UK’s most popular alcoholic tipple of choice.

Where once beer led the way for sales, figures from the Wine and Spirit Trade Association have already shown a steep rise in gin sales over the past 12 months. Gin has never been more popular, making this the perfect time to introduce you to the newly-released Strane London Dry Gin – Uncut Strength – Batch 2.

The work of Swedish distillery Smögen, this gin carries one hell of a kick and comes in at a staggering 76% ABV. That’s pretty much double the strength of a standard gin.

According to the Master of Malt, where the spirit is being sold online, Strane has been made “with the same botanical selection as their classic strength expression, including basil, garden mint, sage, lime rind, lemon flesh and more.”

A bottle of very strong gin.

They note that this particular tipple “ought to stand out in a cocktail” though hasten to add that you should “make sure you dilute it well.” This super-strength spirit will set you back a fair bit though, with a standard 50cl bottle of the clear stuff priced at £58 a pop on the Masters of Malt site.

It could prove a wise investment though, if you are able to reduce your measures, meaning that bottle lasts that bit longer. Then again, with Christmas and New Year festivities now in full swing, that doesn’t look very likely does it.

The one positive at least is that recent studies have indicated that clear spirits produce far less lethal hangovers than brown/beige counterparts like whisky, brandy or rum. Unfortunately, those studies were conducted on standard strength spirits, with Strane something of an unknown quantity.

A glass of gin and tonic.

So you are likely to get pretty drunk and end up pretty hung over if you take this baby on – don’t say we didn’t warn you. Those seeking something beer-based but boasting a similarly powerful kick, meanwhile, may want to get their hands on some Snake Venom from the Keith Brewery in Scotland.

Available for around £54.99 a bottle, it’s pretty expensive stuff but then each 330ml serving is an eye-water 67.5% ABV.

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