Video: Watch Selena Gomez in handcuffs for new single

Hands To Myself shows the ex-Disney star caught for breaking and entering.

Selena Gomez Loaded
Selena is on top Take that Justin Bieber. Image Picture by Gilbert Carrasquillo /Getty Images

Fresh from her recent appearance on the Victoria’s Secret runway, Selena Gomez has shared the latest music video from new album Revival.

Hands To Myself finds the ex-Disney star amping up her bad girl image to break into the mansion of model Christopher Mason.

Gomez poses seductively in black lingerie, twirls around in front of a mirror and writhes about on Mason’s bed as she awaits the return of the Thor-lookalike. The only problem? He has no idea she’s there and naturally calls the police.

“Sorry for snooping, Chris,” Selena quipped in her social media posts premiering the video.

Other video highlights include: Selena’s break to take a bath, the movie-within-a-music-video called Obsession, and a shock last minute twist to rival The Sixth Sense and Fight Club.

Hands To Myself is the third single to be lifted from Revival following on from Good For You and Same Old Love. Gomez has had an eventful 12 months, breaking up with long-time boyfriend Justin Bieber and diving headfirst back into music.

“The year wasn’t just me trying to transition in my career — it was my whole life. I had to reconfigure everything,” she told Refinery29.

“That was a little uncomfortable and very scary. I didn’t have anything to fall back on. At the same time, the public perception of me was unfair and very invasive. I was trying to figure out all my own stuff in my personal life while everybody had an opinion.”

Selena Gomez in Hands To Myself video
Hand to Myself Selena Gomez in her recent music video. Image Apple Music

Expect to see a lot more of Gomez in 2016. Her Revival tour kicks off on May 6 in Las Vegas before ticking off North America’s biggest cities right through to July.

Film-wise she’ll be appearing in Oscar-tipped The Big Short as herself, the James Franco-directed In Dubious Battle and the sequel to Zac Efron’s comedy hit Neighbours.

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