Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander starred in a mental McDonald’s ad for a terrible burger

Getting tired of hamburgers with lettuce and tomato in this town that don’t quite make it? No.

The gang The famous Seinfeld four. Image Picture NBC

To most ordinary folk, Jason Alexander’s pre-Seinfeld career amounts to little more than an appearance in Pretty Woman as the world’s most dislikeable sleazebag – a guy who had the gall to try and pay Julia Roberts for sex without realising he wasn’t anywhere near as dashing as Richard Gere.

But for those with a love of internet oddities and far too much time on their hands, he’s also the face of a McDonald’s advert for arguably the burger giant’s worst idea for a product since the time they dabbled with putting pizza on the menu (it happened.)

The McDonald’s McDLT was supposed to be a burger with a unique selling point that, when discovered, would have you dancing in the street.

Or at least that was what the advert seemed to suggest.

“You say that just once you would like your hamburger hot and your lettuce and tomato cool and crisp ALL at the same time,” Alexander asks, jauntily walking down the street, surrounded by members of the public keen to hear more about this stunning innovation.

The result is the McDLT, a burger that comes in a box twice the size of any normal patty container, with the promise of keeping the meat and its salad-based accompaniment separate.

Apart from the moment when, of course, you have to put the two together.

It’s difficult to think of there ever being a time when this would have been something of paramount concern to the average McDonald’s customers.

More importantly: no one eats a burger for the salad that accompanies its contents and said salad has never, ever, been ice cold, ever since the very first hamburger came into existence.

So now, not only were customers lumbered with a bigger, less environmentally friendly burger box, but they essentially had to do the work of putting the damn thing together.

Oh and that cool and crisp salad probably resulted in a similarly cool burger too, and if there is one thing we all love, it’s lukewarm food.

The advert itself is, at least, entertaining with Alexander leading a crazed dance routine that involves one hell of a lot of extras and most likely a bucket load of cocaine to boot. It was the 80s after all.

Oddly enough the McDLT didn’t stick around for too long. At least Alexander did though.

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