SEGA Classics Streets of Rage And Altered Beast To Be Made Into Movies

The two console favourites will be turned into a film or television series.

The Sega Mega drive in all its glory.
The original Sega Megadrive Accept no alternatives. Image Sega

The SEGA Mega Drive has enjoyed something of a renaissance of late, with the demand for retro gaming thrills prompting the arrival of both a brand new edition of the 16-bit console but also a crowd-funding platform game.

With so many revivals and remakes in the works, it therefore adds up that a few classics from the SEGA vaults would be dusted off for another outing.

However, it seems the big cheeses at SEGA are doing something very different when it comes to two of the console’s most popular games: Altered Beast and Streets of Rage.

Rather than bring both button bashers back for a new game on the next generation of game consoles, or even an enhanced version of the originals, the two titles are set to be adapted for film and television.

A screenshot from Streets of Rage.
Streets of Rage In action Image Streets of Rage

That’s right, someone has decided that rather than another outing as Axel or Blaze, fans would instead rather flock to see another big-screen video game adaptation.

Variety reports that Stories International is partnering with Circle of Confusion to create the new Altered Beast and Streets of Rage properties, which will be written for film and television – though they have yet to spefcify which.

Circle of Confusion has a good track record when it comes to tv with shows like Outcast and Fear The Walking Dead looking impressive enough.

The company’s film work has been somewhat patchier though with recent flops including American Ultra and Mr Right.

Circle partner David Engel executive produced “Straight Outta Compton.”

Altered Beast and Streets of Rage are not the only titles to get the blockbuster treatment either with plans afoot for games like Virtua Fighter and Shinobi to be turned into films or TV shows.

Yet more adaptations of popular computer games – what could possibly go wrong? Oh yeah, everything.

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