The Secret KFC Menu Item That You Can Add For FREE

But are you brave enough to try it?

KFC recipe revealedImage Picture KFC

Here at loaded, we love fast food menu hacks, and we’ve been committed to finding some of the best off-menu items available on the high-street for years now.

Whether it be the KFC Triple Down burger, or the McDonald’s Land, Air and Sea burger, we’ve found some hidden gems over recent times.

Now, we’ve found another cool secret item that KFC customers can add to their dishes and, best of all, it will cost you absolutely nothing.

Speaking to loaded at an open kitchen event, KFC’s head of innovation, Jack Hinchliffe, revealed that there is a hidden item on the menu which everyone is able to order for free.

“If you like Supercharger sauce – and I reckon that a lot of your readers will – we always have that sauce in that kitchen.”

The Supercharger sauce doesn’t appear on most KFC menus, but loaded were assured that staff can always dig it out if you like a little heat with your chicken.

Supercharger sauce – which has a distinctive orange appearance – might be a bit too spicy for some, but it could be the perfect way for people to mix up their order.

A chicken burger smothered in supercharger sauce
A chicken burger smothered in supercharger sauce The secret menu item Image BurgerLad

It’s been a cult item amongst KFC enthusiasts for some years, but the majority of customers have yet to discover it for themselves. Until now…

Jack went on to say: “[The sauce] goes on the Flaming Wrap, which is a core menu item, but if you want them to spice up a Zinger, and get them to swap mayo for Supercharger sauce, they will. Or, a personal favourite of mine is to get Super Charger sauce in the Super Zinger Twister.”

“I think it’s that good, I should put it on the menu, but you’ve got to hold some things back,” Jack told loaded.

As well as offering free Supercharger sauce, Kitchen staff will always be willing to mix up your order, and let you customise to your heart’s content.

“We will definitely allow you to play around with Menus. There’s some flexibility to do that. A lot of the ingredients you can add back there, you can add and play around with those different things,” Jack said.

So, why not mix up your order next time you’re in KFC? It might just change the way you eat fast food forever.

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