Is Sean Connery playing James Bond in stealth 007 movie The Rock?

Shocking, positively shocking...

Sean Connery in The Rock and as James Bond
Stealth 007 flick? Sean Connery in The Rock and as James Bond. Image Picture Touchstone/Eon/MGM

Michael Bay’s 1996 classic The Rock has been thrown back into the limelight thanks to the Chilcot report revelation that the chemical weapons it dreamed up may have led to the Iraq war.

For many, this will have caused memories to flood back about Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery’s heroics to save San Francisco from a scorned Ed Harris.

But there’s one thing about the film that might have been overlooked, and it completely transforms how you’ll watch it.

Sean Connery’s John Mason is actually James Bond and the whole thing is his last outing as 007. 

This Rock-as-a-Bond-film theory has been doing the rounds for a while, and the evidence is quite compelling.

  • Mason is an ex-secret service agent who spent 30 years as a prisoner of the US government for spying on them during the 60s – coinciding with Connery’s Bond reign
  • The ex-Brit operative shares a specific quip with Diamonds are Forever Connery: “But of course you are.”
  • Mason as the iconic agent solidifies the idea that the Bond/007 moniker is a codename inherited by different men.
  • Masonry is about shaping rough rock, has Connery’s character rebuilt his identity from someone else – eg Bond?

YouTube user Cyber Prime even put together a video elaborating on this idea.

Of course, the chances of this being the literal interpretation of the film are pretty slim – but the next time you watch The Rock it’s worth keeping in mind to give the viewing another layer of meaning.

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