Relive Every Single One Of Sean Bean’s On-Screen Deaths

Whether it's Ned Stark or Boromir, no-one can pull off a heroic death quite like him.

Sean Bean in Game of Thrones
Sean Bean One of the actor's many death scenes. Image HBO

No-one can pull off a good Hollywood death scene quite like Sean Bean, can they?

In case you missed it, a new fan theory has been circulating that claims his character Ned Stark was never actually killed off in Game of Thrones. We’re not sure we believe it, but it got us thinking – is there a single movie or TV show Bean’s starred in where his character hasn’t died before the end?

Whether he’s having his head chopped off as Ned Stark, getting peppered with arrows in Lord Of The Rings, or being pulled apart by horses (ouch) in Black Death, you can always rely on Sean for a dramatic death.

He’s passed away in dozens of films down the years. The first came in 1990, when he was pushed over a cliff by a rampaging herd of cows in Irish drama The Field.

Sean Bean as Boromir
Sean Bean as Boromir Image New Line Cinema

Incredibly, while he’s gained a reputation as the best death-scene actor going, Sean himself actually miraculously cheated death just a few years back.

The actor was stabbed in a pub fight in 2011, and rather than suffer the same fate his characters often do, the badass actor recovered quickly and even went back in for a pint afterwards.

In celebration of the great man, relive all of Sean Bean’s finest death scenes in the video below:

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