There Is Now A Scratch And Sniff Encyclopedia Of Weed

You need this in your library...

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There is now a scratch and sniff encyclopedia of all things weed related. Called simply “ The Scratch & Sniff Book of Weed,” this book is probably not the best thing to pack in your carry on.

Created by marketing experts and partners Eve Epstein and Seth Matlins who also enjoy a puff or two, the goal of the book is to be the “Sesame Street of weed,” by educating the public on the herbs prolific history, as well as spreading the message about its medical [and sexual] benefits.

“We didn’t write it for a stoner mentality,” the authors told Vice. 

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The authors explained that by using the scratch and sniff gimmick, they hope to lighten the mood surrounding weed laws and use. Smells included in the pages are bubble gum, burger and of course different strains of weed.

“What we tried to do was weave 4,000 years of history and experience into something that furthers the conversation and hopefully plays some role on the path to decriminalisation and legalisation,” they continued.

weed book

Some of the facts they discovered about this controversial plant are pretty interesting, like did you know North Korea is the only country where you can buy weed in the supermarket?

Another tidbit touches on the pros of cannabis oil used during sex, “Weed works magic,” they write, “producing dopamine, which ignites our pleasure centres… and induces “general euphoria.” It seems that weed lube is worth a try.

weed book

You can get this book on Amazon here. A welcome addition to your High-brary. 

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