Scientists Have Found A Way To Make Beer Healthier AND Tastier

This could be a major breakthrough to taste buds and waistlines everywhere

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Scientists have made a major breakthrough that could change the way we all enjoy our favourite beers forever.

Researchers from the University of California Riverside may have made a major breakthrough that could lead to healthier, better tasting beers for one and all.

It comes after they managed to sequence the complete genome of barley, something that might sound vaguely interesting to us but may have huge ramifications for the alcohol industry.

Barley is the key ingredient in beer and single malt Scotch and by successfully sequencing the barley genome, scientists hope to be able to optimise genetic diversity to improve overall production of this crop.

Malted barley is key in giving beer it’s colour, body and form and provides the natural sugars crucial to fermentation.

The scientists were able to work out the genome despite it being nearly double the size of the human genome, with around 80 per cent of it amounting to repetitive sequences.

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Thankfully, advanced sequencing technologies and advanced computing algorithmic design programmes allowed for these major breakthroughs in gene families that play a key role in the malting process.

“It makes it much easier for researchers working with barley to be focused on attainable objectives, ranging from new variety development through breeding to mechanistic studies of genes,” Timothy Close, professor at UC Riverside, explained in Nature.

Sounds complicated but if the end result is healthier, cleaner tasting beer that’s genetically brewed to perfection, then who are we to ask questions?

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