Scientists Developing Magic Pill Could Make You Lose Weight And Build Muscle

And you won’t have to change your diet or exercise routine either.

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Ever wished you could get in shape and look buff without having to undergo any arduous exercise and diet regime?

It seems as though Ronald Evans, a researcher at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute has. Unlike most other people, however, he’s decided to do something about it.

The result is a magic pill, developed alongside the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California, which he claims could do all of the above.

Evans and his crack team of researchers are developing a drug that hones in on and activates the fat-burning genes in the human body.

If they can find a way to boost the human metabolism, then we could wake up to a world where eating all of our favourite foods doesn’t result in significant weight gain and other noticeable side effects.

The magic pill has already been tested on mice with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and the results showed a noticeable improvement in their endurance, with no other notable side effects found.

The plan is to initially test the drug out on people with Duchenne – it’s primary use would be to help people who suffer from this muscle loss condition.

However, if successful, the applications could extend to a wide range of options for healthy people.

That’s all still some way off happening, of course, and it is worth remembering that several miracle pills have arrived on the market before and often ended up disappointing.

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Back in May, a pill arrived on the market claiming to be the cure for any and all hangovers.

Almost six months later and, from the looks of it, that hasn’t worked out too well.

Some magic pills are close to entering the public sphere though – experts reckon a male contraceptive pill will arrive by the year 2021. Not all bad news then.

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