Scientists claim too much Coca Cola is bad for your penis

Fizzy drinks may be having a negative impact on your sperm.

Coca-Cola The world's most popular soft drink. Image Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Drop your Cokes and grab your c*cks because new research has claimed there is a link between the heavy consumption of sodas like Coca-Cola and a decline in sexual performance.

That’s right: too many cans of Coke, Tango, 7up or Lucozade could be seriously hindering your mojo when it comes to making babies.

A study conducted by Copenhagen University Hospital looked at 2,554 men as part of the study and soon found that drinking around one litre of fizzy drink every day not only reduced sperm count by some 30 per cent on average but also led to erectile dysfunction.

The research found that soft drink fans had a sperm count of around 35 million per millilitre on average some way down from the 56 million per millilitre recorded among those consuming less soda.


There’s no need to worry about having a cuppa though, with the study also finding no link between other caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee, with the carbonated nature of fizzy drinks viewed as the main cause of the problems.

Perhaps the most alarming finding from the study concerning erectile dysfunction is those with scientists finding that certain fizzy drinks may be playing a role.

One possible cause is the presence of large amounts of fructose corn syrup, a sweetener that has been known to damage the arteries found in the penis.

So next time you reach for that can of Coke, maybe swap it for a beer.

Wait, what? Beer is bad for your d*ck too? Alright, maybe make it a tap water then.

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