Schoolboy spending summer holidays working on Donald Trump campaign

Imer Weston is just 12-years-old – should he not be playing outside or something?

Donald Trump does a fist-bump.Image Matthew Canaugh/Getty Images

Donald Trump is not exactly down with the kids but one 12-year-old from Colorado could be the exception to the rule.

Meet Weston Imer: a schoolboy with a difference.

While most of Imer’s classmates are busy enjoying their holidays, he’s doing something different: he’s helping run Donald Trump’s election campaign.

Keen to ensure success in a potentially decisive state, Weston’s mother Laurel Imer, official field officer of record in Wheat Ridge, has recruited her son to wile away his summer days in a small office, making phone calls, doing admin and and generally bossing around volunteers almost three times his age.

That sounds like absolute heaven for everyone involved.

The kid campaigning for Donald Trump
Fox 31 profiled the Donald Trump kid. And he's proper odd. Image Fox 31

“Kids need to be educated,” Laurel explained in an interview with Fox 31.

Can’t help but feel that is kind of what school, rather than Trump, is for, Laurel.

“Get involved, kids need to be educated,” Weston adds in the same report, a comment that was in no way rehearsed with his overbearing mother beforehand. Honest.

Anyway, this politically-minded school pupil has something of a masterplan: he wants to run for president in 2040 with Trump’s son, Barron, as his vice-president.

Oh Weston, you do realise their won’t be an America or a Planet Earth to even run for office on if Donald makes it to the White House, right?

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