School director fired for hiring ‘pole dancers’ to welcome children back from summer

She had wanted to create a positive "atmosphere".

A NURSERY school director has been fired from her job over an initiative that saw young children greeted by scantily-clad pole dancers on their first day of school.

In footage doing the rounds online, visibly stunned parents can be seen looking on in horror as young women spin around poles in front of hundreds of small children.

The clip was filmed at the Xinshahui Kindergarten in China and has amassed more than five million views online already.

Filmed this past Monday as the Shenzhen school welcomed pupils old and new back for the start of the academic year, the dancers managed to add insult to injury by using a pole traditionally used to fly the Chinese national flag for their routine.

Lai Rong, the director behind the initiative, has issued a statement in the wake of her sacking, explaining that the inappropriate routine had been intended to create a positive “atmosphere”.

Though Rong was happy to admit the use of dancers in front of some 500 kids aged between three and six was “not well thought out” she did note that other performers were present, including a traditional Chinese dance troupe and a jazz band.

That defence fell on deaf ears with Bao’an district education officials though, who opted to dismiss Rong from her role over the day’s events.

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