Scarlett Moffatt Once Emailed Stephen Hawking With A Bonkers Time Travel Theory

Has the I'm A Celeb star made a huge scientific breakthrough?

I'm A Celeb star Scarlett Moffatt
Scarlett Moffatt What did Scarlett see in Magaluf? Image ITV

Scarlett Moffatt has always been the funniest and most insightful star on Gogglebox, and now it’s been revealed that she could have made a major scientific breakthrough.

The I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! contestant was speaking on Wednesday’s episode, when she revealed that she once tried to email Stephen Hawking her theory on time travel.

The reality star was so convinced she’d discovered the secret of travelling through space and time, that she chose to share her findings with the legendary scientist.

“I once emailed him because I had a theory about time travel,” she said on the ITV show.

Explaining her theory, she said: “In order to travel back in time we have to go faster than the speed of light.

“The speed of light is like 319 and then loads of numbers, it’s exactly the same latitude point as the tip of the great Pyramid.

“So I think the pyramids are from the future, I think someone from the future realised we would need them and went back in time and built them.”

The campmates didn’t seem that convinced, but who knows – maybe Scarlett has stumbled across the greatest scientific breakthrough ever made?

Professor Hawking, it’s over to you…

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