What Scarlett Johansson wants to see happen in a Black Widow movie

Come on Marvel, make it happen.

Scarlett Johansson
Johansson in Avengers: Age of Ultron Will we get a Black Widow solo movie? Image Marvel Studios

Scarlett Johansson has been revealing some details of a potential Black Widow standalone film and whether or not it might be a prequel if it does happen.

The actress was speaking to Variety when she was asked about the potential routes for a Black Widow movie: “I would like for it to happen under the right circumstances. I think there’s a lot of opportunity to mine that story line. She’s got a really rich origins story.

“There’s a lot of places you can go — you can bring it back to Russia. You could explore the Widow program. There’s all kinds of stuff that you could do with it. You could really uncover the identity of who this person is, where she comes from and where she’s part of.”

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a big success for all involved and Johansson’s Black Widow has been a part of it ever since 2010’s Iron Man 2.

Fans have been voicing their support for a Black Widow solo outing for years but Marvel have really dragged their feet with it and currently there are no firm plans to give her a movie of her own.

“If I did it, I’d have to do it while I still actually wanted to wear a skin-tight catsuit. I don’t know how much longer that’s going to be,” said Johansson.

Marvel’s first female lead superhero movie will arrive in 2019 with Captain Marvel, set to star Brie Larson.

Johansson can next be seen in Ghost in the Shell due to hit UK cinemas on 31 March 2017. She will then be returning to the Black Widow character for Avengers: Infinity War currently set for May 04 2018.

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