Saved By The Bell’s Mr Belding Stars In Inspired Dirty Heads Music Video

The clip has been put together for the Dirty Heads single “Vacation”.

The band Dirty Heads.
Dirty Heads The band behind the Mr Belding music video.

There was a time when Mr Belding felt like a second father to all of us.

Alright, maybe not a second father, but certainly a second uncle or one of those cool teacher swho was liked by everyone because they were always firm but fair.

The principal of the fictional Bayside High School, Mr Belding was responsible for keeping the likes of Zack, Kelly, Lisa, AC Slater and Screech in line during their formative years on the TV show.

Later, he remained at the helm during Saved By The Bell: The New Class, playing the part of Belding right up until the turn of the millennium.

Things have gone a little quiet for Mr Belding since then, who apparently goes by the name of Dennis Haskins in his day-to-day life, though he has managed brief appearances in everything from How I Met Your Mother to Mad Men over the years.

Now he’s back where he belongs though, roam the school halls as Mr Belding in the music video to Dirty Heads new single “Vacation” taken from their soon-to-be-released 6th album.

Something of a throwback to his Saved By The Bell days, Haskins was delighted to get involved on the track.

“I love the music business from when I was in it in the 70’s as an agent and manager to today’s new music and hot acts! And to get to be in this video for Dirty Heads is a true gift!” he said.

An absolute banger of a tune, Dirty Heads co-lead vocalist co-lead vocalist Jared “Dirty J” Watson had this to say about the track: 

“I want ‘Vacation’ to speak to people out there who have paid their dues and love their jobs. For those who don’t enjoy what they do every day, it sends a message that ‘it’s not too late to do something else.’”

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