Saved By The Bell favourite jailed once again

Screech Powers is heading back to jail

Controversy Saved by the Bell cast was beset with controversy after the book by Dustin Diamond

Actor Dustin Diamond, best known for playing the role of Screech Powers in the early 90’s American high school comedy ‘Saved by the Bell’ has been jailed for the second time, after allegedly breaching probation, as reported by CNN.

Diamond was sentenced  to four months in jail after stabbing a man on Christmas Day in 2014. The offence occurred during an altercation in a Wisconsin bar – he has served three months of the sentence. 

Diamond recently revealed in an interview with former cast mate Mario Lopez that he wanted to move on with his life after problems in personal life spiralled out of control. 

The former child star made a porno and was said to be a tell-all book on the cast of Saved by the Bell. 

Something which he now refuses. 

Dustin Diamond also appealed for his former castmates to forgive him in a recent interview 

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