Sara Underwood Is Saving The Planet One Sexy Instagram Post At A Time

The Playboy model and nature enthusiast is on a one-woman mission via social media.

Model and nature enthusiast Sara Underwood.
Sara Underwood Model and nature enthusiast Image Sara Underwood/Instagram

Sara Jean Underwood is a 32-year-old model, host and one-time Playboy Playmate of the Month.

Before she was introduced to the world of modelling, she had jobs working in construction and as a waitress for Hooters. She’s also had roles in films like Accepted and Epic Movie and spent time as the co-host of Attack of the Show!

But none of that is of particular importance to Underwood these days because she’s on a mission to save Planet Earth from itself and she’s found the perfect way to get her message across – semi-clad Instagram shots alongside some breathtaking natural scenery.

It's the only home we have, I wish we would start treating it as such ? ? by @stevebitanga

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“It’s the only home we have,” she laments in the caption that accompanies one of her posterior-bearing snaps.

“I wish we would start treating it as such.”

Sunsets perched from above are my favorite ?? ? by @everchanginghorizon

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Couldn’t agree with you more, Sara.

“Sunsets perched from above are my favorite,” she tells us in another snap.

Bang on the money, once again.

“I’ve always been more keen on the mountains and the country, but the ocean is really winning me over,” she adds in another.

Glad to hear, Sara.

It’s all part of something akin to a gap year for Underwood, who has been soaking up the incredible natural scenery on offer in the US and sharing the results online.

Follow me on my private Snapchat! Link is in my bio ?

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“This last year, I’ve been spending my time hiking in the great outdoors and taking some amazing pictures along the way,” she tells fans on her Patreon photo site.

Will it be enough to persuade President Donald Trump to rethink his approach to fossil fuels and the environment? Perhaps not, but if anyone can change The Donald’s mind on this particular topic it has to be Underwood.

Looking for new places to adventure, you guys have any suggestions? ??? ? by @stevebitanga ? by @emilyhachebeauty

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In the meantime, you can keep up to date on the Playboy favourite’s adventures via Instagram or her very own website. Fight the power, Sara!

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