Ryan Reynolds Shares Hilarious Clip On Why He Wants Deadpool’s Chimichangas To Win An Oscar

Deadpool's clip for the Oscar deserves all the awards.

Deadpool Image 20th Century Fox

He might have lost the Golden Globe for best actor to the other famous Canadian Ryan Gosling, but Ryan Reynolds certainly keeps his hopes up towards the Oscars in February.

It is usual for the movies that want to win Oscars to submit a “For Your Consideration” clip so that the members of the Academy will get them at least nominated. But Ryan Reynolds has gone all in.

Deadpool Ryan Reynolds
Deadpool Ryan Reynolds in his comic book mega-hit. Image 20th Century Fox

In a clip that Reynolds published on Twitter and that truly shows why he and Deadpool are soulmates, the actor pitches possible nominations for the Academy Awards.

Of course, don’t expect him to talk about the actors’ performances, or the special effects, or even the costumes or the director.

No, for Reynolds, what the Oscars will really appreciate is the 600lbs. of chimichangas used for the film, the four pairs of assless chaps (that Deadpool butt is not easy to get), the twelve humiliating minutes on a casting couch, the 465 ad libs (we expect lots of Wolverine jokes came this way), the seven magical unicorns (because why not?), the 42 rejection letters from Fox, and three good walls and a fourth that’s broken –constantly.

Ryan Reynolds with his wife Blake Lively at the Golden Globes. Image Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Reynolds has spent years and years trying to get the Deadpool film made, and now that he has succeeded, there is clearly no stopping him. And everyday, with things like this, he proves to us that he really is Deadpool.

Watch the hilarious clip below:


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