Stoned Alone is only missing one key ingredient: Macaulay Culkin.


Ryan Reynolds Is Making A Weed-Themed Home Alone Sequel

By Jack Beresford

July 26, 2018

Ryan Reynolds is getting involved in one of the more unusual projects coming out of Hollywood right now: a weed-themed Home Alone sequel of sorts.

Released back in 1990, Home Alone starred Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister as a young boy who accidentally gets left behind while his family embarks on a Christmas vacation to Paris.

While they are away, a pair of hapless burglars in the form of Harry and Marv (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) attempt to break into the McCallister residence, only to be thwarted by Kevin and a series of traps that lead to plenty of slapstick-led amusement.

A huge hit upon release, the film spawned a big budget sequel and made a star of Culkin.

And now, in a move few could have predicted, a stoner-led follow up is on the way at Fox.

Stone Alone will tell the story of a man who, after missing his flight for a ski holiday with friends, decides to smoke away his sorrows by getting high.

He soon becomes paranoid, however, that thieves are breaking into his house and sets about thwarting the would-be burglars.

An adult-themed comedy clearly aimed at the original Home Alone audience, the script has been penned by Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider, with Augustine Frizzell directing.

There’s no word on whether Reynolds will star or feature, though one possibility could be to have Culkin return as the adult version of McCallister, in a plot not all dissimilar to the one pitched by loaded to readers a couple of months back.

Unfortunately, the passing of John Heard means that it’s unlikely that Home Alone’s most mysterious character Peter McCallister, won’t return.

Why is he mysterious, do you ask? Because it’s highly likely he’s some kind of career criminal working for the mafia.